MMA Rule Book

Yearly Matches

  • CMP Eastern Games
  • CMP Talladega D-Day Match
  • CMP National John C. Garand Match at Camp Perry
  • CMP New England Games
  • CMP Western Games
  • CMP Talladega 600
  • Any Other Event that the CMP Designates


  • Competitor must be a current member of the GCA every time they shoot for their scores to be valid.
  • All matches are managed by the CMP and they may add or subtract matches as desired. The CMP holds the sole authority for availability, schedule, and who may or may not participate.
  • As-Issued Military Rifle Course A (30 Shot) only will be followed as defined in the CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Competition Rulebook.
  • Competitor must fire an As-Issued Garand (caliber 30-06 only), per current CMP Competition Rules – No Unlimited Garand
  • Current GCA members can compete and earn points in as many as of the listed events as they wish each year.
  • Competitors are permitted to fire a re-entry during a particular match event and may utilize the highest score achieved only.
  • Competitors may join the GCA the day of the match in order be considered a valid member. This must be done by going to the GCA website ( Paper mail-in forms are not valid for day-of registration.    

How Points will be Awarded

  • Current 30 Shot Garand Cut Scores will be utilized 
  • Points will be awarded based solely on current year cut scores as determined by the CMP for gold (10 pts), silver (8 pts), and bronze (6 pts). 
  • A minimum accrued total of 40 points is required. 
  • One must be Gold.
  • One additional must be a Gold or Silver.
  • All other points can be earned by bronze or greater.