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Why should I join GCA?

The main benefit of GCA membership is receiving the GCA Journal. Four issues per year are published: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each full-color issue contains articles from some of the most knowledgeable people alive today about John Garand’s superb M1 rifle, complete with photographs. If you want to learn all you can about the M1, you will enjoy the GCA Journal. Also, the GCA is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Membership in GCA fulfills one of CMP’s requirements to make a purchase.

How do I join GCA?

You can join online with a credit card (Get your Membership). Or, you can submit a membership application by mail and pay by check/money order. (Membership Form). There is a basic, common sense member conduct and fraud policy and members must agree to abide by this policy.

What do I get with my membership?

New or renewing members will receive an emailed receipt for membership dues. New members will also receive a packet containing a welcome letter, their first issue of the GCA Journal, and a data sheet for the M1. All current members are mailed the GCA Journal each quarter as new issues are published.

What does GCA membership cost?

GCA membership costs $35 per year if you live in the U.S. If you live outside the U.S., the dues are $50 per year due to higher postage costs.

When does my GCA membership expire?

New memberships expire 12 months from when a new member joins. Example: Join on May 15; membership expires on June 1 next year. The expiration date is plainly printed on your membership credentials.

How does the CMP know if I am a GCA member?

You will receive your official GCA membership credentials via email that will act as proof of your GCA membership status. IF you indicated “yes” on your membership application to release your information to Civilian Marksmanship Program, your information will be transmitted to CMP as part of a routine update that GCA provides to CMP, but you should always submit a copy of your membership credentials with all your CMP orders. Your membership credentials are your official proof of your GCA membership status.

How do I keep my GCA membership current?

A reminder notice will be emailed to you when it is time to renew, and your expiration date will be listed on your membership credentials. You can renew your membership online (Membership Page), or by mail. Download the latest renewal form here: Dues Renewal Form

What if my renewal is late?

Once you become a GCA member, your record will remain in the database whether you are active or inactive. Even if you don’t renew for several years, your membership has only been inactive, and you should renew your membership. You will retain the same membership number. Membership renewal is accepted at any time. Renewing members will always receive a receipt for their membership and new membership credentials via your email. Your membership and your subscription to the GCA Journal will run for 12 months from when your renewal was received and processed. If the renewal was received so late that GCA Journal issues have been missed, they can be purchased as back issues for $5 each, subject to availability.

What other member benefits are there?

Periodically the GCA holds a National Convention in varied locations all over the United States. At these events, members enjoy the camaraderie of other collectors and see other parts of the country. Conventions are sometimes held in conjunction with major gun shows and displays from member collections are encouraged. Some Conventions feature shooting matches. Whatever the venue, every effort is made to offer a Convention program that is entertaining, educational, and provides an opportunity for Garand enthusiasts to get together.
In the “off” years without a Convention, a GCA Membership Meeting is held. A popular destination for these meetings is the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park, with matches held exclusively for GCA members.

Additionally, GCA sponsors entry fees, shirts and caps for members who participate in certain events at the National Matches held each year at Camp Perry, Ohio. For shooters, these events are ideal for using your M1 to its fullest.

Other special events are held from time to time, and are announced in the GCA Journal and on the web site.

How do I find a past article from The GCA Journal?

To access a fully searchable Index to GCA Journal articles visit Nicolaus Associates Garand Collectors Association (GCA) Journal Index

Can I still get back issues of the GCA Journal?

Some back issues are still available. They can be ordered online Back Issues or by mail with an order form. The Best of the GCA Journal series of books was created due to demand for back issues that are out of print. Each book contains three years or 12 issues. These books are a convenient and affordable way to own all the great information published by GCA over the years. Books 1 through 10 are currently available, with discounts when you buy all 10!