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NOTICE! The Marketplace has migrated to a web submission system. This change has been implemented to reduce the manhours required to support the Garand Marketplace by our volunteer staff, reduce the chances that your email requests get filtered by our SPAM filters, and streamline the process.

All submissions to the Garand Collectors Association GCA Journal Marketplace MUST be made via the GCA website. You will receive an automatic email confirmation from our submission system and another email confirmation from the GCA Marketplace editor when your advertisement, announcement, or letter has been processed by the editors.

Please submit only one FOR SALE and one WANTED ad per issue. All submissions to the GARAND MARKETPLACE must be made electronically via the form below.

The GCA Journal does NOT accept advertisements for gun shows. The GCA Journal does NOT accept advertisements offering “reproduction parts,” or “fake parts” sold as original.

The GCA Journal does NOT accept advertisements for Class III weapons or accessories. NOTE: Your ad will simply NOT appear if you submit an inappropriately described advertisement. The GCA or GARAND MARKETPLACE will NOT be responsible for errors or omissions in advertisements. Your submission may require editing due to length, content, spelling, and/or clarity. Every attempt will be made for you to review same before publication via e-mail, but there are no guarantees made or implied.

Important! The GARAND MARKETPLACE classified advertising section’s purpose is to allow GCA members the opportunity to legally buy, sell, and/or trade military firearms, equipment, or other related materials amongst the membership. The sale of commercially available firearms, equipment, or other materials should not be blatantly advertised.

NOTE: The GARAND MARKETPLACE Editor will be editing out instances that do not meet the above guidance or are excessively long. Please try to make my life easy – use common sense – please do not abuse the GARAND MARKETPLACE advertising section! Also, buyers and sellers of firearms should be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws!

The GCA will place your ad in the next available journal based on these deadlines:
Spring Issue: close of business, February 1st
Summer Issue: close of business, May 1st
Fall Issue: close of business, August 1st
Winter Issue: close of business, November 1st

Please make sure your contact information is correct.

The GCA Marketplace is manned by unpaid volunteers. Please be patient and allow several business days for a reply. The information you provide in the form below will be forwarded to the Marketplace editor. Data that you requested not be published will not be published. It is included for informational purposes only for the editors of the GCA journal.

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