It was wonderful to receive an update from 2017 Grant recipient, the Living History Education Foundation:

I’d like to once again thank the GCA for your gift of financial support last year (2017). I have continued to improve and expand my programing. I do hope you enjoyed the article I wrote for the summer 2017 Journal. This year, February 2018, we had our second annual Battle of the Bulge living history program. Students again were able to study the M1 rifle, and World War II weapons, uniforms, equipment, and vehicles. Inspired by the success of this program, I developed a similar program set in the First World War at the Historic Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome . My students were able to ride in an original 1917 Ambulance that I had the honor to drive, move a 1905 field piece, and eat historic food rations all the while historic aircraft flew overhead. Making connections with the M1917 bolt action rifle, my students were able to further understand the need for the development of the M1 Garand. Thank you again for your support of living history as an educational practice and for your support of the Living History Education Foundation.

Neil Murray
Educator, Military Historian, GCA Member