March 24-26, 2017

Camp Blanding Museum & Memorial Park
5629 State Road 16 W
Starke, FL 32091
Get away from the cold for a weekend in Florida! GCA has partnered with Camp Blanding to offer this special event. Come out and shoot the same “Course of Fire” the U.S. soldiers had to shoot to qualify during WW2, on the actual ranges they fired on.

Rooms are available in Camp Blanding Lodge Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25. One person per room (double beds). $30/night. One bathroom for every 2 rooms, “Jack and Jill” configuration.

Friday, March 24: “CMP style” Sniper Team Match (2 person teams)
Time: Gates will be open at 1:00pm until 1:30pm. Late signup and squadding will begin at 1:00pm til 1:35am on the 600 yard line, Safety Breifing at 1:40pm and firing will commence at 2:00pm.

Course of fire: Sniper Match – 2 person team match. CMP Vintage Sniper Match course of fire. 5 min. for unlimited sighter period (both team members sight in in this time period) then 10 shots per team member at 300 and 600 yards. All firing must be done from prone using the provided rubber block rests or with a sling. No bipods or sandbags. A towel or rag may be placed over the rubber block to protect stock. If you don’t have a partner we will try make up teams match day from the individual participants. One team member from each relay will be required to score.


Equipment: Sniper match open to: CMP Vintage Sniper Rifles, Vintage Open Sight Rifles, Open Sight Modern Service Rifles & Modern Sniper Style Rifles. Modern Sniper Rifle class will include bolt action and semiautomatic Sniper rifles, F-Class rifles, Tactical rifles, Scoped Service rifles, Scoped Hunting rifles. Teams may shoot 2 different rifles or share one rifle. Shooting will be done on Electronic targets using the NRA 300 & 600 yard targets for Vintage and Service rifle. Modern Sniper rifles will shoot on the NRA F- class 300 and 600 yard targets. Caliber is restricted to less than 300win mag, no muzzle breaks but suppressors allowed.

Ammunition: Competitors are to provide their own safe ammunition.

Rules: Match will be conducted under CMP Vintage Sniper Match rules with the exception to type of rifles allowed. All competitors must sign a Camp Blanding release from liability at the match.

Open To: All – 14 years of age or older. Juniors must be accompanied by a parent.

Range Location: Camp Blanding, KD-C range , range entrance gate is on the north side of Rt. 16, 500 ft east of main gate. Follow the entry road until it ends then make a right, continue until you see range on the left.

Other: Participants need to bring: rifle,eye and ear protection (required), ammunition, a mat or pad, food and beverages(none provided) and any additional shooting equipment you think you will need.

Saturday, March 25: WW II Qualification Match
Time: Match squadding and late sign-up/check-in 8am til 8:30am at the KD-C range. Safety briefing will begin at 8:40am and firing will commence at 9am. Range gate will open at 7:45am and close at 8:30am

Entry Fee: $25

Equipment: All WW2 Service Rifles, both U.S. and Foreign (no full automatic)

Ammunition: Participants are to provide their own ammunition.

Course of Fire: Shooting will be at 200, 300 & 500 yards. You will get 5 sighting shots at each yardage. 42 rounds total for record fire, 15 rounds for sighters.

Qualification Course of Fire: 200 yards
4 shots kneeling & 4 shots standing , 5 minute time limit, 9 shots rapid fire either kneeling or sitting from standing, 51 second time limit.
300 yards: 4 shots sitting & 4 shots prone, 5 min time limit, 9 shots rapid fire prone from standing, 51 second time limit.
500 yards: 8 shots prone, 10 min time limit.
All the targets will be either WW2 5-V targets or silhouette targets

Open To: All – 14 years of age or older. Juniors must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

Rules: All Competitors must sign a Camp Blanding release from liability at the match.

Awards: 210 points possible for course of fire, WW2 qualification scores are:
Expert – 180, Sharpshooter – 165, Marksman – 140

Range Location: Camp Blanding, KD-C range , range entrance gate is on the north side of Rt. 16, 500ft east of main gate. Follow the road until it ends then make a right, continue until you see range.Ammo

Sunday, March 26: Military Pop-up Target Qualification Match
All dates are tentative and may be changed or canceled due to military training needs. At this moment the pop-up range is reserved by the Brigade, but there is a good chance they will release it and the match can go on. Alternate activities are planned if the pop-up target range is not released. Possible alternates – A machine gun shoot (1919 Browning), or a guided tour of the museum and base.

Location: Camp Blanding Automated Record Fire (ARF)/ Pop-Up ranges, located on main base

Time: Match squadding will begin at 8am and end at 8:30am. behind the range tower. Safety/range briefing will be at 8:40am. Firing will begin at 9am. and end at 1pm.

Entry Fee: $20 for the first match you shoot. Additional matches will be allowed if time allows and will cost $10 per reshoot.

Preregistration will be required. Because we will be on the main base, security will need a list of all participants. Anyone wishing to shoot or observe the match must register ahead of time. If you do not preregister you will not be allowed on the base. All preregistration must be in by March 20, 2017

Rules: Normal safety rules will be followed. ECI are required when not shooting and no handling of rifles behind the firing line. Remember we will be in the bases cantonmet area and it is a government installation so do not bring weapons other than your rifles for the match with you. A Camp Blanding Release from Liability must be signed before the match.

Open to: Anyone age 14 and above. Juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Firearms allowed: Garands, Springfields and Modern Military Rifles

Ammunition: Competitors must provide their own safe ammunition

Course of Fire: Each course of fire will be 40 pop-up targets per match with targets popping up either individually or randomly in groups. Ranges start at 70 meters and go out to 300 meters. Competitors will shoot from either the concrete bunker on their lane or may shoot from the prone position next to the bunker.

Range Location: Camp Blanding. Enter thru the Main gate, by the Museum, turn left on Ave.B follow it until it dead ends into Duval Rd. Turn left, Duval will intersect Ave. D , continue right staying on Duval, Duval dead ends at Yerkes Rd., turn right on Yerkes, travel on Yerkes watching the ranges on the left, look for signs for rifle match.

Contact: Camp Blanding Museum – Greg Parsons – Phone: 904-682-3196

Other: The competitor is responsible to provide the equipment necessary to compete which includes rifle and safe ammunition. Pad for prone if you wish. Hearing protection is required during live fire. Eye protection is recommended. No food or drinks are provided.
There will be no refunds of match fee’s for anyone who is disqualified or made to leave because of safety violations.

About Camp Blanding: Situated on beautiful Kinglsey Lake, Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC) offers camping, swimming and hiking opportunities.

Camp Blanding Exchange: Camp Blanding operates a “shopette” style post exchange located on Avenue B. The hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm seven days a week (close major holidays).

The store offers a wide variety of modern military and tactical good and clothing, retail/convenience store merchandise which includes food, beverages, gifts and sundries.

Consolidated Dining Facility: Camp Blanding supports a full time dining facility on Avenue C housed on the new Regional Training Institute Campus. The mess hall serves breakfast 0600-0800, lunch from 1100-1300, and dinner from 1630-1830 seven days a week.

Conference Center Restaurant and Event Hall: Camp Blanding houses a restaurant within the CBJTC Conference Center. Operating hours are 7:00am to 2:30pm. The menu includes hamburgers, sub sandwiches, and a salad bar which offers fresh local fruits and vegetables. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch.

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