GCA at Camp Perry 2014

//GCA at Camp Perry 2014

In 2014 the GCA will again sponsor members shooting their M1 rifles at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry. This year there are major changes to the schedule to account for the International Palma event that will be held at Perry. The schedule changes are mainly significant in that the CMP Games matches will be held PRIOR to the P100 and NTI.

The GCA Board has made some changes in support of the teams that will be of interest to GCA members. As in previous years, the GCA will fully support members shooting their M1’s by reimbursing entry fees, and Jim Adell and Mike Bernazzani will enter and pay for all team entries as in the past. Also of note for 2014, the GCA BOD has approved raising the pay for target pullers from $100 to $125 per day. Ammunition support (Greek HXP ammo from the CMP) will be provided this year only for new GCA competitors on their first trip to Camp Perry.

The GCA will again present plaques to the high teams in the NTT and the NTIT Match, high M1 shooter in the NTI Match, high M1shooter in the Presidents Hundred Rifle Match, and the winner of the National John C. Garand Match. These will be awarded at the CMP Awards Ceremony. GCA will also again fund placing the GCA logo on each John C. Garand Match T-Shirt.

It is strongly recommended that all new Team members participate in the Small Arms Firing School, as it is the best way to get your feet wet and learn from the best. It consists of one day of classroom education, followed by live firing in the M16 EIC match, which is a great chance for new shooters to obtain points toward their quest toward obtaining the coveted Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

For those who do not want to actually shoot,but want to participate in the GCA camaraderie, we do need help in the two team matches. The GCA will pay $125 each to two people who pull targets for each GCA team in the National Trophy Team Match, and each team also needs two scorers and a coach. For the National Trophy Infantry Team Match, each team needs two coaches, a scorer and a person to pick up the fired brass. These people will be considered team members and will be included in the team pictures published in the GCA Journal and receive the souvenir T-Shirts and hats.

Members must arrange for their own lodging, and links and information can be found at the GCA and CMP websites. If you desire to stay at Camp Perry call the Camp Perry Lodging Office at 888-889-7010.

Those who wish to compete as members of or provide direct support to the GCA teams should send their contact information and a brief description of their experience shooting their M1 rifles by email:

Jim Adell – jim_adell@yahoo.com

Mike Bernazzani – mbernazz@ptd.net

This year, we will be extensively utilizing the GCA website for team information and schedule/meeting updates, (which will mean less email for team members to deal with!) Surf on over to www.thegca.org to see a copy of the schedule, and stay tuned for updates as we approach The National Matches at Camp Perry.

2014 Competitions/National Matches Calendar:

Jim Adell has made available an updated NM calender for 2014,
Click here to download a PDF of it.

2014 GCA teams at Camp Perry reimbursement form

( download PDF of Form )

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