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Veterans History Project.

The Library created this project in the year 2000 by a law of Congress. The mission of the Veterans History Project is to collect and archive the personal recollections of U.S. wartime veterans to honor their service to the country and to share and preserve their stories with current and future generations.

The Project is creating an archive in the form of war veterans’ first-hand oral histories, memoirs, photographs, letters, etc. Families of deceased veterans can also submit documents relating to their ancestor.

Therefore, I urge those members of the Association who are war veterans or their families to submit documentation, diaries, photographs, etc., to the Library of Congress and contribute and enrich this Archive with their stories. For more information on the project and how submit materials, please, see the official website at or write to:

I would appreciate it very much if you would publish this on the next issue.

Thank you,
Juan Manuel Perez, Ph. D.
Washington, DC

Paul M. Edwards, PhD. Professor of history and philosophy, founder/senior fellow Center for the Study of the Korean War, author of ten books on the Korean War, including The American Soldier During the Korean War. Korean War Veteran: 31st FA, 7th Infantry Division.