We get a LOT of calls and emails from folks who’s GCA membership is current, but the CMP is not showing them as a current member.

We send an updated listing of our current memberships to the CMP on a regular basis. However, the CMP must then update their own records with the new information…one membership at a time.
This is NOT an automated process.
When the GCA was young, and had many less members than we do today this task was much less time consuming. Now, with so many more members (close to 20,000 now), it has become quite a cumbersome and time consuming task and it will take much more time to get your information updated with the CMP.

SO…we are asking that YOU, the GCA Member, take some of the responsibility when you place your order with the CMP.
Every time you renew your GCA membership you should always receive a new membership card attached to your receipt.
Your membership card is your Proof of GCA Membership
. If you do not receive a new card, or if you misplace your card please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to issue you one.

We will continue to supply the CMP with your membership information, but we suggest that, in order to speed up your CMP order, that you always send a copy of your GCA membership card with your CMP orders. If you are attempting to order from the CMP’s online store, you will almost always need to submit a copy of your current membership card with your order. You can scan your membership card and email a .pdf copy, or if absolutely necessary we can email you an electronic copy of your membership card which you can then forward to the CMP.

We thank you for your continued support of The GCA!