America’s Rifle The M1 Garand

//America’s Rifle The M1 Garand

America’s Rifle The M1 Garand


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GCA’s DVD “America’s Rifle — The M1 Garand”

It was produced to further the education about this wonderful weapon. In concert with SemperVi Entertainment, this video is professionally produced and historically correct.

In addition to the feature film, there are several outstanding Bonus Features that we know you’ll enjoy.

This documentary covers in-depth the history of the M1 rifle that served the US armed Forces from 1936 to 1957 and beyond.


Over 65 minutes of bonus material

Additional interview excerpts from Medal of Honor recipient Hector Cafferata

Disassembly and assembly of the M1 Garand

History “show and tell” of the evolution of the M1 bullet

M1 Garand range time

An inert rifle grenade demonstration

Copyright 2012

DVD Manufactured in the United States of America

Total Running Time: 2 Hours, 20 minutes


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