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The Garand Collectors Association is governed by its Board of Directors.
Currently, there are 10 Directors from all over the United States.
Alphabetically, they are:

Jim Adell

Mike Bernazzani

Andrew Hall

Don Kemps

Dave McClain
New Jersey

Orest Michaels

Bob Seijas
New Jersey

Frank Todaro
New York

Chairman of the Board
Anthony Pucci
New York

President/Managing Director
Steven Rutledge

Founder:  Richard Deane
Chairman Emeritus:  Robert Seijas

*GCA Charter Members
Robert Abramson
Brian Anderson
William Blanch
Bruce Canfield
Richard Deane
Peter DeRose
Douglas Edwards
Kip Feiler
Mike Firestone
Burton Kellerstedt
David McClain
Richard Milton
Irl Otte
Billy Pyle
Henry Queener
Robert Seccombe
Robert Seijas
LTC Mike Stratton
Dennis Wynn