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July 6, 1986

July 6, 1986

Richard ‘Dick’ Deane, PhD, writes to 20 M1 Garand enthusiasts/collectors with the idea of joining together and sharing/publishing information to expand the overall knowledge base, which at that time was skeletal.

December, 1986

Dick Deane publishes first Garand Collectors Association Newsletter, mailed to 18 Charter Members.*


First Board of Directors elected. Bob Seijas elected first Chairman of the Board. Dick Deane elected President/Managing Director and also serves as Editor.



1994 Life-size bronze bust of John C. Garand, sculpted by Dick Deane and donated by GCA, is dedicated at Springfield Armory National Historic Site. The bust is still on display, seen by thousands of visitors. GCA membership number 1,000 presented to John Garand’s son, Richard Garand.



Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) chartered to replace DCM.


First GCA Convention held in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.


Garand Collectors Association Newsletter becomes GCA Journal.


Saving Private Ryan is released. Interest in the M1 Garand increased noticeably in its wake.


GCA officially affiliates with CMP. At the request of CMP, GCA leaders advise them on sorting and grading rifles for their desirability to collectors. The CMP sales program grows and GCA membership begins to expand rapidly.



Dick Deane retires as GCA Journal Editor and Managing Director. GCA membership stands around 2,000. GCA donates Marksmanship Trophy for National Matches and begins annual sponsorship and organized participation at Camp Perry.


GCA granted 501(a) tax exempt status by IRS.


GCA membership surpasses 7,000 members.


GCA Journal expands page count and starts printing all pages in color.


GCA welcomes member 10,000


In response to ongoing demand for out-of-print GCA Newsletters/Journals, Best of the GCA Journal compilation project begins and Book 1 is published.



GCA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona includes shooting matches for the first time, courtesy of CMP. Best of the GCA Journal Book 2 is published. Membership surpasses 15,000 for the first time.


Grant Program instituted. Over $25,000 in grants awarded since its inception to worthy recipients such as ‘M1 for Vets’.


Dick Deane passes. GCA donates $25,000 to Eastern Kentucky University scholarship in his honor. Best of the GCA Journal Book 3 is published.



GCA commissions and funds production of America’s Rifle – The M1 Garand, an original program on DVD. Copies are distributed free to members at that time. Best of the GCA Journal Book 4 is published.


GCA Board of Directors approve a Bylaw change. Memberships to renew year-round instead of all memberships due on September 1. Best of the GCA Journal Book 5 is published.



GCA approached its 30th anniversary with over 18,000 members in the U.S. and eight other countries. During the September 2015 Convention, a new monument to John C. Garand was unveiled. It overlooks the rifle range at CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park. In addition, a $100,000 sponsorship of the Park was presented by GCA.


30th Anniversary of GCA.

*GCA Charter Members

Robert Abramson

Brian Anderson

William Blanch

Bruce Canfield

Richard Deane

Peter DeRose

Douglas Edwards

Kip Feiler

Mike Firestone

Burton Kellerstedt
David McClain
Richard Milton
Irl Otte
Billy Pyle
Henry Queener
Robert Seccombe
Robert Seijas
LTC Mike Stratton
Dennis Wynn