GCA Awards Grants

Two grants have been requested and approved so far in GCA’s 2012 fiscal year.   The Missouri Military Academy applied for and received funding to purchase additional M1’s for the school. In addition to participation in the WWII reenactment group the “Railsplitters”, cadets are now performing honor guard details at local funerals for veterans. See [...]

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M1garand Ceremonial Rifle Maintenance

GCA provided substantial input to the construction. With the permission of the author, we provide the link here on the GCA website to this well done and informative instructional video. Author: “ Jim Johannes,  Officer Education Program UW-Madison "

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GCA Journal Back Issues

Limited number of various issues of The GCA Journal are now available. Click here to learn how to purchase

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2010 GCA Teams at Camp Perry

Forty-three GCA members fired their M1 rifles at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio with an additional ten members and non-members directly supporting the GCA Teams. We entered five teams in the National Trophy Team Match and six in the National Trophy Infantry Team Match. The GCA Indiana team won the trophy plaques [...]

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Two new M1 Garand National Match articles….

Two new M1 Garand National Match articles have been authored by Robert W. Seijas and posted on the GCA website. M1 National Match Summary and Evolution of National Match Rifles – Springfield Armory Production Click on the links above to go to the articles, or find them in the navigation menu on the left of [...]

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GCA Grant

The GCA grant to the M1 for Vets organization this year: Left to right:Jim Adell, GCA Camp Perry Director of Events; Andrew Hall GCA Financial Aid Director; John O'Shea M1 for Vets founder. Jim Adell is a GCA Board member, a Distinguished High Power shooter and former OIC of the US Navy Reserve Shooting team. [...]

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And The Winner Is….

The September 2008 American Rifleman magazine features a major article on the “Top Ten Infantry Rifles” of all time.  It comes as no surprise to us that the M1 Garand was Number 1.  The article concludes the M1 description with: " ... it was John Garand who caught lightning in a bottle and harnessed into [...]

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