Best of the GCA Journal Book 5

Book 5 in the Best of the GCA Journal series is here! (Covers Volumes 13 – 15; Winter 1998 through Fall 2001)     This edition includes many special and ground-breaking articles: ●          In-depth three-part series by Scott Duff on barrels used in M1 rifle production 1952-1957. ●          In-depth three-part series by Dave Frenn on [...]

GCA at Camp Perry 2014

Please see the Camp Perry page for the updated information...

Updated NM Calender

Updated 2014 NM calender available our our Camp Perry page...

GCA honors Returning Vets

Honor Flight is an innovating program that provides trips for World War II and Korean veterans to visit Washington D.C. There are programs around the country that make these great trips possible. In Kansas City, 94 vets traveled on October 2. GCA's Jim Spawn was among the thousands of caring citizens who came as a [...]

Renewal season is in full swing at the GCA office

A Note from the GCA membership office about Renewals .... Renewal season is in full swing at the GCA office. Thanks to all the members who responded so promptly to their renewal notice! And special thanks to the members who followed the directions perfectly. The recent change to the By-Laws which allows year-round membership renewal [...]