Free DVD Offer!

Buy any ‘Best of the GCA Journal’ book (or book set), get one FREE copy of GCA’s program on DVD: ‘America’s Rifle – The M1 Garand, while supplies last.  No discount code to enter, no coupon to mess with, we will add in the DVD automatically when your book order ships.  Click here to visit [...]

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Spring GCA Journal Update

The Spring issue has gone to press. This issue runs 40 pages including the covers. Some of the good reading to look forward to: A thoughtful article from Hugh Palmer, comparing Type 2 National Match configuration to other accuracy enhancements. Eric Nicolaus shares info and some great close-up photos of a Springfield with NO serial [...]

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GCA Election Results

Ballots for Board of Director candidates have been counted. Resolutions were passed to install Orest Michaels as Treasurer and Andrew Hall as Vice-President. Here is your current GCA Board of Directors: President/Managing Director Steve Rutledge Vice-President Andrew Hall Secretary Don Kemps Treasurer Orest Michaels Directors (alphabetically) Jim Adell Marc Adler Michael Bernazzani Dave McClain Robert [...]

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Book 7 Available!

The newest volume in the Best of the GCA Journal book series is in stock. Book 7 covers Winter 2004 through Fall 2007. This is the era when the GCA Journal began printing in color, so most of this book is in color. Plus it contains more pages for the same price: $30, US shipping [...]

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GCA Journal Update

The Winter issue is about to go to press. In addition to the magazine, a ballot for the Board of Directors will be inserted in the envelope. Some of the great reading in this issue: • Report and photos from the 2017 Convention • Information and photos on Turkish return rifles currently being prepped for [...]

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Member Conduct Policy Updated

The GCA Board of Directors has updated the policy for conduct of members: Conduct of Members Section I. Actions and performance of members that are not in the best interest of the Association and its membership shall be grounds for termination of a membership. Termination of membership shall mean permanent barring from any GCA function [...]

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