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Time to renew your membership!

Hey Gang! Don't forget that not everybody expires on September 1st anymore! We still have a lot of folks that expired in June and July that have not renewed their membership yet. If you haven't received a renewal notice be sure to look at your membership card and check your expiration date!

Time to renew your membership!2017-09-05T14:36:01-04:00

"The CMP Does Not Show My Membership to be Current!!"

We get a LOT of calls and emails from folks who's GCA membership is current, but the CMP is not showing them as a current member. We send an updated listing of our current memberships to the CMP on a regular basis. However, the CMP must then update their own records with the new information...one [...]

"The CMP Does Not Show My Membership to be Current!!"2017-09-05T14:36:02-04:00

GCA Makes a Big Move

One of the biggest changes in GCA history has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors. Memberships are no longer restricted to a membership year starting on September 1. If you are already a current GCA member, you will soon receive a special one-time renewal notice in the mail, showing your new expiration date [...]

GCA Makes a Big Move2017-09-05T14:36:02-04:00