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405, 2017

Register for Camp Perry 2017


Some important things to keep in mind if you are shooting your M1 at Camp Perry for 2017:

  • Shooting the John C. Garand match does not make you part of the GCA shooting team. Only those who are shooting or assisting with the two team matches (NTT and NTIT) are considered team members and receive GCA hats and shirts as well as reimbursement for matches shot with an M1 Garand.
  • The deadline to register to participate with the GCA as a shooter will be June 15, 2017
  • If someone registers late or is a walk-on participant at Camp Perry, they will be allowed to participate with the GCA teams as support personnel.
  • Anyone fulfilling a support position such as “brass rat,” scorer, and target puller for the teams is paid a stipend by the GCA for supporting the team.
  • SUPPORT THE TEAM, NOT THE CARBINE! There will be no match fee reimbursement if you compete in the carbine match since it presents a scheduling conflict for a team match and does not further the mission of the GCA.
  • If all of the preregistered teams are fully staffed and there are enough walk-on shooters to create additional teams, they will be created with these shooters. These shooters will function as support for one of the team matches and compete on the second match while the support staff from the previous match will shoot on the second. This way we do not face the dilemma of having multiple, partially staffed teams, and everyone will have at least one opportunity to shoot in a match.
  • Existing teams returning for 2017 need to make an effort to provide their own support staff. This would be one of the expectations of the Team Captains to manage, along with receiving their team’s bundle of shirts and hats to distribute.
  • HXP M2 Ball ammunition will still be provided to first time competitors who may not have ammo to shoot.
  • Click here to download 2017 Reimbursement form
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1404, 2016

Register to shoot at Camp Perry 2016

Registration is open for the National Matches at Camp Perry. You must enter to shoot matches with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) www.thecmp.org. To participate as a Team GCA member, or to sign up for a support role to the teams, you must also register with GCA . The Spring issue of the GCA Journal will contain more details.

Register to shoot at Camp Perry, or to support the GCA teams!

2307, 2015

The GCA at Camp Perry – 2015

2015 National Matches GCA Reimbursement Form

Camp Perry 2015 Event Calendar

Team members click here for roster

In 2015, the GCA will again sponsor members who shoot their M1 rifles at the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry. The changes to the schedule made last year for the International Palma event will remain in effect. The CMP Games matches will be held PRIOR to

the P100 and NTI, but the NTI and the P100 have been reversed, making the NTI first.camp_perry_1

The GCA Board has also made some changes in support of the teams. As in previous years, the GCA will fully support members shooting their M1’s by reimbursing entry fees, and Jim Adell and Mike Bernazzani will enter and pay for all team entries. For 2015, the GCA has raised the pay for NTT target pullers from $125 to $150 per day. Ammunition support (Greek HXP ammo from the CMP) will be provided to all new GCA competitors on their first trip to Camp Perry.

The GCA will present plaques to the high teams in the NTT and the NTIT Match, high M1 shooter in the NTI Match, high M1 shooter in the President’s Hundred Rifle Match, and the winner of the National John C. Garand Match. We will also fund placing the GCA logo on every John C. Garand Match and Vintage Sniper Team Match T-shirt.

It is strongly recommended that all new team members participate in the Small Arms Firing School, as it is the best way to get your feet wet and learn from the best. It consists of one day of classroom education, followed by live firing in the M16 EIC match, a great chance for new shooters to obtain points toward the coveted Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

For those who do not want to actually shoot but want to participate in the GCA camaraderie, we can surely use your help. We need help primarily in the two team matches. The GCA will pay $150 each to two people who pull targets for each GCA team in the National Trophy Team Match. Each team also needs two scorers and a coach. For the National Trophy Infantry Team Match, each team needs two coaches, a scorer, and a person to pick up the fired brass. These people will be considered full team members, receive the souvenir T-shirts and hats, and will be included in the team pictures published in the GCA Journal.camp_perry_2

Members must arrange for their own lodging, and links and information can be found on the CMP website. If you want to stay at Camp Perry, call the Camp Perry Lodging Office at 888-889-7010.

Those who want to compete as members of, or provide direct support to, the GCA teams should send their contact information and a brief description of their experience shooting their M1 rifles (or competitive shooting in general) by email or US mail to Jim Adell and Mike Bernazzani:

Jim Adell


Mike Bernazzani


We will be using the GCA website extensively for team information and schedule/meeting updates (which will mean less email for team members to deal with!). Say tuned for updates as we approach the National Matches at Camp Perry. We look forward to seeing you there!